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Event Master

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Event Master

Post by arexXx123 on Fri Jun 22, 2012 12:00 pm

I see theres lack of GM event in game for the past few weeks.

I would like to suggest to have a Event master every week...

which they could be given a chance to held an event... and be given a simple wage of 30s and 30b as a payment of there cooperation.. for making an event on game.

and it depends on the administrator for how much they could put a jewels for the event master..

this would be the following requirements to be an Event master " IF IT COULD BE IMPLEMENTED" Very Happy


Character Name : mulover

Why you want to be a event master?

and if they could be a Event Master

each event which they will give.. they must put the Time and Date of winning and whos the winner and how much they won.

just for example.

Event 1 June 22, 2012 10:00 am.
GEdarkkim won's the Q and A. Reward 40s and 40b

just a little suggestion. Smile

para d ren masyadong mahirapan ang admin sa paghahanap ng GM..

as far as i know ang mga GM d2 is for event making lng. and making suggestions too.. and i know na they cant edit something on the game.. so i would like to suggest instead of making a Gm.. why dont we try to put an Event master.. 5x a Week or 4x a week?

In regards GEdarkkim


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